Frequently asked questions

1. Recommended Usage hours?

3-4 hours non-stop usage, but need to rest the machine for 30-45 minutes after a continuous usage of 3-4 hours.

2.Could overheating of OC's when run for a very long duration be fatal for a patient?

To avoid the heating problem and have good performance - The recommended usage of Voltmi Oxygen Concentrators is 4-5 hours and then rest the machine for 30min and then start again. This basically means you need to turn off the machine after continuous usage of 3-4 hours, then unplug from the outlet and let the machine be un-operated for a minimum of 30 min.

3. Whom to contact in India for any warranty issues?

Need to call on our toll free number 1800 266 1786

4. What is the product warranty or guarantee?

1 year replacement warranty

5. What would warranty cover?

Any issue which is not an out of the box issue. If anything reaches broken it needs to be notified within 1 week after delivery of goods.

6.Please advise about the the oxygen purity? Is it 93% at 1 litre per minute or at 10 liter per minute?

It is 93% +/- 3% at 5LPM and above, but technically speaking the efficiency depends on a lot of factors like the patient's condition, Temperature, Humidity, and/or altitude values. The machine in itself will always be capable of achieving above 90%. But never judge an oxygen concentrator as good or bad depending on this efficiency level after it's in use. An oxygen concentrator works by absorbing the oxygen from the air and filtering out the nitrogen, so the filter also plays a very important role in this. An OC concentrates the oxygen, which is then dispensed through a pressure valve that regulates the flow to the nasal cannula. An oxygen concentrator cuts down the need for constant refilling, as it draws oxygen from the surrounding air. So as you can see if the patient is using a nasal cannula or an oxygen mask will also affect the efficiency and plus the level & purity of O2 available in the surrounding also plays an important role. With our machines, we are providing an oxygen face mask and spare bacteria filter for free. The bacteria filters need to be replaced after every 3000hrs usage.