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Smart & Healthy Living

Technology, why can't it be elegant and bright?

Smarter, Why can’t all your devices be?


Healthier, Subtract all the complexity


Smarter & healthier using technology, to create a simpler life for you

​Founded in 2020, with inspiration, motivation, and support of Xiaomi Technology (China) and other top capital investments. We are an innovative technology company based in Hong Kong, partnering with brand-licensed factories in China, India, Vietnam, and Taiwan.


Voltmi's primary focus is on Innovative electronic consumer products, mainly wearables, daily use electronics, gadgets, and well-being electronics.


Voltmi primarily focuses on sales through E-commerce channels in India, Romania, Israel, Poland, and the Czech Republic. The main idea is to bring the most innovative products to the consumer’s doors at the most affordable prices with robust after-sales support and backup for every product sold under the brand of Voltmi.

How to recognize our brand?

Voltmi Logo
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