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aura air purifier with led lights to tell consumers what air the condition around them is

 3 Stage
Air Purification 

High Concentration of Negative IONS for air purification 

True Hepa H13 Air Filter 

Intelligent Air Quality Sensor & Indicator 

One-key deodorization 

 Air Quality Indicator  

air purifier,oxygen,fresh air, healthy air

 Green Light 

 Air quality is good 

 Red Light 

 Air quality is poor

aura air purifier

 Blue Light 

 Air quality is average

Air Filtration 

Captures 99.97% of airbone contaminants as small as 0.3 microns 

air purifiers filter

 Why Voltmi Aura? 

 3-stage Air Filtration 

 True Hepa H13
Air Filtration 

 High concentration Negative Ions 

 Intelligent Air Quality Sensor & Indicator 

 One-key deodorization 

 Cup holder design 

 Type-C connector for fast charging 

 Powerful Surging & Turbo Acceleration Fans 

 360-degree surround wind circulation 

 1-year replacement Guarantee 

 Aura comes with built-in LED lights that help you understand the air quality around you. After turning ON the Aura Air Purifier, the LED light will be either Red, Blue, or Green depending on the number of air pollutants in your surrounding area. With 3-stage filtration, the Aura Air Quality indicator will change to green color when the air quality is satisfactory and pleasing. 

 Applicable to various scenarios 





Kids Room

Aura Portable Air Purifier Specifications

Model No.

Aura PAP01 (GXZ-AP02) 

Input Voltage


Working Current


Working Power


Standards Approval


Air Purification rate


CADR (Formaldehyde)


CADR (Particulate)

8.2 m3/H

Negative ions concentration


Colors Available

white air purifier
black air purifier



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Product Information :

Product Name : Voltmi Aura 1.0 Air Purifier

EAN Number : 4897117520059 (White)

                          4897117520042 (Black)

Product Size : 74*74*171mm

Product Weight : 250g

Input Voltage 5V

Working Current: 850mA

Working Power 4.5W

Air Purification rate 99.52%

CADR (Formaldehyde) 3.5m3/H

CADR (Particulate) 8.2 m3/H

Negative ions concentration 8*10^6pcs/cm3

Gift Box Size : 20*11*8.5cm

Gift Box Weight : 450g

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