Frequently asked questions

1. How do I know if the Aura is actually purifying the air?

The Aura has a 3 stage air quality indicator that indicates the purity of air around you. In order to test the Aura take it to an environment where there's smoke or smog and see the light change to red colour which indicates poor quality of air and then gradually watch it change to blue light and then green light.

2. How to clean the filters?

The filter assembly is removable and you can wash it with clean water (not boring water) but we recommend that you change your filters every year.

4. What is the area it covers?

120 - 150 sq ft.

3. Why does the Aura always show a green light when I start it?

The Aura shows a green light only when the air around you is pure. So if there is a green light when your start the Aura, then that means that the air around you is pure.

6. What is the difference between all the modes?

Button“M”function: Click“M”button for the first time to turn on the automatic mode.The fan switches gears according to the air quality; Click“M”button for the second time is manual mode first gear; Click“M”button for the third time,switch to manual second gear; Click“M”button for the fourth time, switch to manual mode third gear and click“M”button for the fifth time, and turn off the machine. Negative ion function: Long press the“M”button for the first time, turn on the negative ion, and long press the“M”button for the second time turn off the negative ions.

5. From where can we purchase the filter?

The filter can be purchased by calling our toll free number which is 1800-266-1786.

7. Can any other type C charger be used to charge this?

Yes. Any type C charger can be used to charge the Aura.