Frequently asked questions

1. How does my Dr.Senor turn on?

Once Dr.Senor is fully charged, disconnect from the charging box or charging cable and press and hold the screen for minimum 5 seconds, and it will turn ON.

2. What is the accuracy of the measurements done by Dr.Senor?

Body temperature and Ambient temperature are accurate up to 95%
Blood Pressure, Immunity Percentage, Blood Oxygen Level are accurate between 70-90%

3. How to change to 12hrs clock model? Now I can only see 24 hrs clock mode on the main screen in any display that I choose.

Download the wearfit2.0 app on your smartphone, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, and pair with Voltmi Dr.Senor. As soon as you have paired your Voltmi Dr.Senor with the weafit2.0 app, the time display on your Voltmi Dr.Senor will automatically sync with the time display on your smartphone.

5. How to use the weather function?

The weather function will automatically sync with your Voltmi Dr.Senor after installing the wearfit2.0 app on your smartphone and connecting/paired your app with your Voltmi Dr.Senor.

4. How to adjust the date and time without connecting to the Bluetooth?

Some people will not want to sync to their phones and connect to Bluetooth. Maybe want to use it as a regular watch with all the heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, and these functions. The date and time can only adjust automatically and not manually after installing the wearfit2.0 app on your smartphone and connecting/pairing your app with your Voltmi Dr.Senor.

7. Is there an option in Voltmi Dr.Senor to wake-up and show the time on screen with 'Motion'?

When someone wants to see the time, can they turn their wrist and automatically display the time without touching the screen?
Yes, Voltmi Dr.Senor has a motion-sensitive display. As soon as you rotate your wrist when wearing the watch, the display will show on its own.

6. How to connect the watch to Bluetooth? I do not see any option to turn ON-OFF the Bluetooth in the Voltmi Dr.Senor?

The Bluetooth is always ON by default. After you have installed the wearfit2.0 app on your smartphone, the app will automatically search for Voltmi Dr.Senor, you need to select Voltmi Dr.Senor, and the pairing will complete.

8. My Voltmi Dr.Senor can measure which all health parameters?

Body Temperature. Ambient Temperature, Heart rate, Blood Pressure. Blood Oxygen Level, and Immunity level.

9. Is my Voltmi Dr. Senor waterproof?

The water resistant grade is IP67, for average daily use water resistance, It is 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand and it has been tested to work for at least 20-30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water. However, you avoid using the watch when dealing with boiling water as the hot steam may spoil the sensors inside the watch

10. When I tried to check the temperature of the cold water bottle?

The Voltmi Dr. Senor is still showing temperature in the range of 36.4. to 36.8, it should show a lower temperature of an icy water bottle. By default, the Voltmi Dr.Senor shows the range of previously-stored memory temperature. Please hold the sensor for at least 10-15 seconds when measuring the new device's new temperature or object, which is not a body part.

11. Why doesn't the WEATHER feature show correct temperature?

You need to connect your Voltmi Dr.Senor with your smartphone, and only then it will sync with your smartphone and show you the correct climate temperature. Dr. Senor watch does not have Internet connection or gps installed, it depends only on the data received when its synced with your smartphone.

12. Why doesn't my Dr.Senor Turn-ON or charge, seem's dead-on-arrival?

Firsity, remove the plastic flim from the backside of the Dr.Senor watch. Make sure you use the charging box for first time charging and also make sure the Dr. Senor watch is pressed placed and pressed properly inside the charging box. Dr.Senor watch has two gold plated metal points on the backside of the watch. You need to make sure these two gold plated, round metal points are touching properly on the charging points. After you have tried these steps and if still the Dr.Senor does not turn-on, please call our customer serivce hotline on 1800 266 1786 (Toll free, Only for India)

13. Dr.Senor keeps disconnecting with my smartphone?

Uninstall the wearfit 2.0 app, and re-install again. Afer you have re-installed the App, make sure you give access to allow, all permissions for wearfit 2.0 app on your smartphone. If you do not allow and give all permissions to the smartphone App, the Dr.Senor will keep disconnecting with your Smartphone and will also not give you accurate data. This may also happen if you have more than one device connected with your bluetooth, so giving the App to allow and give access to all permissions on your smartphone will fix the issue.

14. Why isn't the data accurate and keeps fluctuating?

This is because you have not allowed and given access to allow all permissions on the Wearfit2.0 App. Please reinstall the App and during first-time setup Allow and give Access to all permissions on your Smartphone. This will help to improve the accuracy and consistency of your data on Dr.Senor.